How to turn your miter saw into a dust collection system

miter saw dust collection system

When working with wood its important to not inhale saw dust. It’s also a pain in the anus to turn your shop vac on and off when you are going to make some cuts. Not anymore! With the autoswitch, you can plug in your miter saw, plug in your shop vac and you are done!

The auto switch with turn on your vacuum every time you use your saw and then automatically shut it off after you stop making cuts. Now, it will not suck up all the dust (at least not with this shop vacs power), but it will dramatically cut down the amount of dust that escapes.

I like to combine the dust collection power of the autoswitch with a couple fans blowing at my saw and away from me, so the dust that doesn’t get sucked up by the vacuum blows away from me. Im almost always cutting out in a driveway, so this works amazingly for me…